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Government To Pilot General Education Certificate In 2022


The Department of Basic Education will be introducing new subjects in the 2022 school year. The department also has a pilot project underway.

34 schools in South Africa have been sampled to participate in the General Education Certificate (GEC) pilot project. 41% of those schools in the five provinces participated in the standardized tests this year.

Department of Education Learning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) Director, SIfiso Sibiya, said that the department is now busy analyzing the data.

We are working together with our stakeholders. The inclinations assessment and the integrated common assessment tasks together those three tasks are forming the core of the GEC.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) said the GEC will be on the three-stream model which has the academic pathway the technical vocational pathway and the technical or occupational pathway.

DBE plans to send more learners into technical education under the technical vocational stream their target is 10 000 artisans, annually.

In addition, new subjects have been introduced – Technical Mathematics and Technical Science, which could be referred to as Applied Science and Applied Mathematics.

Learners will be doing from the sample schools will be participating in an integrated common assessment task across five language subjects.

The inclinations assessment will be administered over two terms – term two and term three.

The department is looking into doing these assessments online and on a WhatsApp application on the Teacher Connect Network.

The Department will implement the GEC pilot project in more than 300 schools in 2022.


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