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Last Chance To Apply At Unisa For 2023


Last Chance To Apply At Unisa For 2023: Prospective students wanting to obtain a qualification from South Africa’s largest university have a short period of time to complete their applications. This as the application period for the 2023 academic year is set to conclude this week.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is calling on prospective students to submit their 2023 academic year application before the Friday, 14 October 2022 deadline. The 2023 academic year application period opened in September 2022.

The upcoming deadline applies to all undergraduate qualifications offered at Unisa. This includes all higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees. Applications for honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas must also be submitted by Friday.

All individuals wanting to start a new qualification in 2023 are required to apply. This includes first-time applicants and current students changing their qualification/area of specialisation. Applicants who previously applied for admission but were not offered a space or did not register after being offered a place at the university must also submit applications.

New applicants can apply for a maximum of two qualifications. If your application is successful, you may accept or decline Unisa’s offer. You can only accept one offer.

First-time applicants are required to complete Unisa’s First-Year Experience MOOC (massive open online course) before being able to accept the offer sent to you.

If a student chooses to accept Unisa’s offer, they must register for the period for which they were approved for admission. If the student does not register for the semester they were accepted for, they will need to reapply for admission during the next application period.

Applications for postgraduate degrees will close on 14 November 2022 after being opened on 11 September 2022. This includes masters degrees and doctoral degrees.

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