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Marking Of Matric Exams Scripts Now Underway


With the 2021 final matric exams recently completed on Tuesday earlier this week, the Basic Education Department has started the process of marking the exam scripts.

The department appointed 45 100 markers across 193 marking centres to begin marking the scripts for 8 December 2021.

The Department’s spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga has said that they have made all the necessary preparations to ensure that this will be a smooth process

“We put in place various measures to ensure that they are safe and we are clear that this time around we have a vaccination which has dealt with the anxiety which was there last time we went through a process like this one”

A total of 897 786 candidates wrote the final matric exams, which spanned a duration of five weeks. Out of those registered, 735 677 were full-time candidates and 162 109 were part-time candidates.

One of the prevailing concerns that have been pointed out is the surge of Covid-19 positive cases that have swept through the country.

However, the department has said that, although it did not anticipate the surge, it has drawn on the experience of the previous year and has applied all the measures necessary to ensure that marking continues without any hurdles.

This includes the appointment of compliance officers to ensure that markers comply with the Covid-19 protocols including the use of PPE equipment.

Mhlaba has also stated that preparations have been made in the case of breakout in marking centres,

There are also reserve markers who will be on standby to replace those who may have to withdraw due to having contracted the coronavirus.

“Whether you have tested positive or you’re showing signs or you’re just not feeling well there is provision for you to report and we’ll then be able to find somebody to replace you.”

The marking of the 11 million scripts is due to be completed on 22 December 2021, with the results due for release in the third week of January 2022.

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