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Organisation Calls For Action Against Schools That Withhold School Reports


Some schools have continued to withhold reports, causing frustration among parents who desperately need a way to track their children’s progress in school. An organisation has stepped in effort to put an end to this.

Parents For Equal Education has called on the Western Cape’s Department of Basic Education to take decisive action against schools that withhold school reports that belong to learners who are unable to pay their fees.

The founder of the organisation says that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s economy should be considered when parents are unable to meet their financial obligations.

Leroux says the practice is illegal and that the schools and School Governing Bodies that do this are aware that it is unlawful.

“They know there is absolutely no reason to hold back reports, transfer cards etc. It’s even illegal to force parents to come and make arrangements”

The Western Cape Education Department has warned schools against withholding school reports for learners who are unable to pay school fees.

She further states that it would be more ideal for schools to find alternative ways of recovering the fees owed to them throughout the year.

Leroux adds that a report card should not be used as a negotiation tool. She also says that the WCED should fine schools perpetuate this practice, particularly school principals.

“Schools that really do this, the WCED must fine them or they must go for that principal because these people are wrong yet they place parents in this position where they must fear what’s going to happen.”

Parents for Equal Education also points out that nothing is being done about it and that parents must take it upon themselves to report these incidents and that there should be serious consequences for any school that engages in this practice.

Due to the economic impact of Covid-19, it is expected that many more parents will be unable to fulfill their financial commitments this year.

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