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Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA) – www.serviceseta.org.za


The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA) is responsible for the disbursement of the training levies payable by all employers. These levies are collected by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) via the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and are to be disbursed through a management system motivated by skills requirement assessment and monitoring.

The SSETA ensures that the skill requirements of the services sector are identified and that adequate and appropriate skills are readily available. The SSETA contributes to the improvement of sector skills through achieving a more favourable balance between demand and supply, and ensuring that education and training: is provided subject to validation and quality assurance; meets agreed standards within a national framework; ensures that new entrants to the labour market are adequately trained; and acknowledges and enhances the skills of the current work force.

Contact Details

Postal PO Box 3322, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2193
Physical Ristone Office Park, 15 Sherborne Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
Tel 011 276 9600
Web www.serviceseta.org.za

Overseeing Department/Entity

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