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Sol Plaatjie University Launches Mandatory Vaccinations


More and more universities have joined corporate companies in making vaccinations mandatory ahead of next year. Sol Plaatjie university has explained how this will work and also offered an alternative for those who don’t want to get the jab.

As the 2022 academic year draws near, the Sol Plaatjie University joins fellow universities in making vaccinations mandatory.

SPU insists that staff members and students who want to physically access the university’s premises whether it be for learning, on-site practicals, or teaching purposes, ought to be vaccinated.

Persons who don’t want to be vaccinated will be barred from entering the university unless they provide a letter of exception for medical or religious purposes.

For registrations, students will be able to register for their respective programmes regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status. However, if the student wants to live in the university-operated residences, and also access the university facilities, they will need to be vaccinated.

In the event that the student is not vaccinated, they must provide their Covid-19 vaccination exemption document.

Students who are anti-vaxxers will unfortunately learn remotely, at their own cost.

Staff will be required to be fully vaccinated when they report to work as of 3 January 2022, unless their leave goes beyond this date.

Staff and ad-hoc members are also required to submit their proof of vaccination to the Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Unit (samuel.alabi@spu.ac.za) as soon as they are fully vaccinated.

Unvaccinated employees who are in the process of receiving their jab, should communicate with Mr. Samuel Alabi about the following:

  1. When they expect to be vaccinated (the date shouldn’t be later than 1 February 2022)
  2. Submit proof of vaccination after they’ve been fully vaccinated.
  3. Consider appropriate working arrangements in consultation with the employees’ Line Manager, until their vaccination has been completed.

Staff members who refuse to be vaccinated will have to follow the guidelines as stipulated in the SPU Vaccination Plan.

This document will be available soon. SPU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Andrew Crouch says”

The university had a vaccination site in the past where students and staff could vaccinate. We will have a similar drive for the whole of January and February, and this is an arrangement with the department of health. The University says vaccination remains an effective way of fighting Covid-19,

The university has considered the public health crisis and the proof that vaccination is the most effective step that they can take to protect themselves and others against Covid-19.

SPU is confident that the decision to implement this Vaccination Plan is justified.

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