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Unisa Celebrates Masters And Doctoral Graduates


It has been a long and tedious journey for university students, however, they have come out strong. Unisa recently held a graduation ceremony in Pretoria for their Masters and Doctoral graduates.

Most higher education institutions opted to make the graduation ceremony virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Irrespective of that, the University of South Africa honored their 2021 graduates with a physical one this year.

According to Unisa, their attendees complied with level-1 restrictions by wearing masks, sanitising, and keeping a safe distance.

Unisa graduates were in a jovial mood as they captured this milestone, a great achievement when they walked the Unisa’s ZK Matthews Great Hall (Pretoria) stage on 2 December 2021.

This was part of the current series of ceremonies of a number of masters and doctoral graduates of Unisa.

Business Leadership (DBL) graduate, Dr. Megan Vercueil, Qualification says she intends on studying board certification in the future, so one day they can sit on the company board one day.

More than a year ago, the World Bank released a statement that as unemployment is rising, companies are freezing recruitment, and the global economy is set to experience the deepest recession since World War Two.

Even so, unemployed Information Science Masters graduate, Ezekiel Katsirizika optimistically says,

I am currently unemployed, and this qualification will add value in my future employment because information science is a wide subject and everybody uses information.

To read more about the individual interviews with graduates, click here.



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