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Unisa To Issue Data To Students Ahead Of Upcoming Exams


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has their first set of exams in 2022 between January and March of the academic year. The university recently announced that it would support students’ ability to perform during examination by issuing data.

Unisa has revealed that their beginning of the year exam season is set to take place between the 17th of January and the 4th of March during the year of 2022. Students have been advised to prepare in advance and have also been warned that this exam season will require a lot of use of electronics.

Given that the university acknowledges the students’ dependence on electronics for both studying and writing purposes since the pandemic has forced the need for online examinations, the university has made a commitment to provide students with data.

Devices that the university expects the students to make use of include laptops, smartphones, tablets, phones, or desktops, with some modules potentially requiring the use of a webcam. Students can expect to receive 30 GB of data in total. 10 GB will be dedicated to anytime use and the other 20GB for night time use.

Students are asked to follow the following steps to be able to receive their data:

  1. Ensure their cellphone number is RICAed and loaded correctly onto myUnisa. If not, students can visit myUnisa to load their accurate details
  2. If a student’s current data package is greater than that provided by Unisa, students are advised to use a different SIM card for their Unisa data to be loaded onto
  3. All of this should be completed by the 5th of January 2022.

For further information regarding the issuing of Unisa examination data, click here.

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