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What Are The Requirements For A Diploma Pass?


There are a few ways that a matric student can pass their matric year with a National Senior Certificate (NSC), and a Diploma Pass is just one of them. Although the Diploma Pass does not offer the same post-matric options as a Bachelor’s Pass, it still has a lot to offer a student.

A Diploma Pass is just one pass level below a Bachelor’s Pass and still offers the opportunity to pursue further schooling upon the student’s completion of their matric.

The student would still be granted the opportunity to study a diploma course at a university, a college, or a technikon/technical college, however, they cannot study at a degree level with a Diploma Pass.

Because a Diploma Pass does not allow for the student to pursue studies at a degree level, students will be slightly limited in their study options.

However, the diploma is essential in pursuing a career that does not always require a degree, such as management, early child education, criminal justice, graphic design, nursing, and much more.

To achieve a Diploma Pass, the learner would have to meet the following requirements:

  • The learner must achieve at least 40% for their Home Language subject.
  • The learner must achieve at least 40% in three other subjects excluding Life Orientation.
  • The learner must achieve at least 30% in any other two subjects.
  • The learner can only fail one subject.

If the student is able to meet all of these requirements, their final matric mark will be awarded a Diploma Pass, which will open up a path for the student to study in a wide selection of diploma specialisations post-matric.

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