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Where To Study Business Administration In South Africa


Are you interested in studying Business Administration? Here’s all you need to know about Business Administration and where you can study it in South Africa.

A Business Administration qualification is for anyone who is, or wishes to be, involved in the Administration function in any organization or business in any sector, or field as well as in non-commercial organizations.

Those studying towards this qualification also get a good education in finance, marketing, sales, and business operations.

It is the perfect qualification for anyone looking to take on a leadership role in virtually any field of business.

So where can you study Business Administration in South Africa?

Well many universities and colleges in the country only offer Business Administration qualifications to students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma at NQF level 7 or higher. In some cases work experience is also required.

Most Business Administration qualifications are offered as Master’s or Postgraduate qualifications. However, some higher education institutions do offer it as an Undergraduate qualification.

Universities such as Unisa, CPUT, UKZN, Wits, UP and NMU offer Business Administration qualifications. Colleges such as MANCOSA, Milpark Education, Regent Business School also offer Business Administration qualifications.

It is important that you check the admission requirements before applying to study at any of these institutions as each institution will have different requirements.

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