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Which Online High Schools Are In South Africa?


Over the last few years, more students have opted to attend online high schools. Here’s a list of online high schools in South Africa.

Online schools often cater to the needs of each individual learner which makes the education they receive more valuable. These schools have become more popular as Covid-19 has caused students and teachers to have less time in the classroom.

Online high schools have become particularly popular because learners get the attention they need when they deal with the complex areas of learning presented to them in the secondary level of schooling.

Research has shown that learners do better in online schooling because they get to learn at their own pace and re-read learning material as they choose.

Before making the decision to enrol in an online high school, it’s important to know whether a learner is suited to the online school environment as they will be expected to be self-disciplined and won’t be able to get any face-to-face interaction with teachers and tutors.

Thus, their learning style must be taken into consideration when choosing a school.

Here’s a list of the online high schools in South Africa:

  • MTN Online School
  • Boston Online High School
  • Teneo Online High School
  • UCT Online High School
  • Brainline Online High School
  • CambriLearn Online High School
  • Clonard Online High School
  • Curro Online High School
  • Elsen Online Learning Centre
  • Futures Academy
  • Hatfield Christian Online School
  • Impaq Online High School
  • Praxis Online School
  • St Stithians Online High School
  • Think Digital College
  • Virtual Schools

It’s important to take note of the subjects and services offered by each school so that it fits the needs and wants of both the parent and the learner. A lot of these schools have fees that are very affordable and cover most of the resources needed for the learner to do well.

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